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About License Freezing:

Sometimes your business needs to take a break and in such instances, you can freeze a trade license for upto 3 years. Find out how to freeze your UAE mainland license.

If you are in the UAE and you plan to temporarily stop your business, the best option would be to freeze the business license. Business licenses can be frozen for upto a period of three years, by paying a freezing fee. In the case of sole establishments registered in DED, freezing is allowed for a period of one year.

A company cannot carry on with any of its operations, once the license is frozen as it is illegal. But the owner of a frozen license or a shareholder can start a new business by applying for a new license under his name.


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How Wings 9 can help you freeze your trade license

Our team of dedicated, experienced PROs help you throughout the license freezing process

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by assisting with the application, fee payment and liaising with governmental entities.

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