Wings 9 Management & Consultancies

Wings 9 provides highly personalised business setup services to corporate clients and individuals who are setting up their companies, branches or subsidiaries in the UAE. Our team full of passionate professionals is dedicated to helping you find the best-suited solutions when establishing a company in the UAE. Not only do we advise you on the corporate structure and jurisdiction to choose from, but we also make sure to cover all technical, administrative and financial aspects of UAE business setup. Your business setup journey doesn't stop there, which is why we offer additional services to get your business up and running after the establishment. We can help you with your company's accounting, marketing, HR and much more.


Designed to cater to individuals, startups, and small to medium-sized companies, Wings 9 is committed to providing bespoke business set-up advice and delivering fantastic customer service, as well as developing trusted, long-term relationships with all its clients - by not only managing the process of company formation from start to finish, but also by providing a supportive ecosystem for those companies to flourish.


Wings 9 is handling every practical aspect of setting up a business for you, from the company formation to visa processing and liaising with UAE Government agencies on your behalf. We give you the flexibility of owning your business without having to navigate through the complexities of the document and registration process.

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